Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How To Tutorial: Basics for Painting on Glass

Want a fun crafty project that is quick, easy and also makes a great gift idea?  Paint this simple cherry design on ice cream sundae or dessert glasses.

Basic Preparation for Painting on Glass:
Wash in warm soapy water
Wipe down the area you are going to paint with alcohol and allow to dry. I usually allow them to dry for 15 to 30 minutes before I paint.

Clean Sundae Glasses (See basic preparation directions above)
Suggested Folk Art Enamels Paint for Glass and Ceramic in the following colors:
  Engine Red
  Fresh Foliage
  Wicker White
Small Artist Brushes, I used a small flat brush and a liner brush
Foam plate
Disposable cup for cleaning brushes between paint changes or
  a brush basin

I freehand painted the cherries around the glasses. But if you don't feel comfortable with freehand painting you could first draw the design on paper and tape it to the inside of the glass and paint the design on the outside of the glass. 

Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.  Apply Clear Medium over the painted design only.  The Clear Medium will help the paint adhere to the glass. (The Clear Medium can also be used for shading and to for transparent effects.)

To cure the painted glassware air dry for the specified number of days or bake in the oven by following the manufacturer's directions.  I chose to bake according to the manufacturer's directions.

I always hand wash my painted glassware but the manufacturer states that the painted glassware is top rack dish washer safe.  I figure that if I took the time to hand paint them that I will also take the time to hand wash them.

Do NOT allow the painted glassware to soak if you are hand washing.

Do NOT microwave painted glassware.

Do NOT allow food or liquids to come into direct contact with painted surfaces. Therefore for example if you are painting a plate you would need to paint on the backside of the paint using a reverse painting technique or if you are painting glasses you would need to paint on the outside of the glasses.

DO allow a 3/4 inch border ( the lip line area) at the top of painted glasses to assure that lips do not come in contact with the painted surface.

Do NOT use Folk Art Enamels for Glass and Ceramics on plastic.

Follow all manufacturer's directions and precautions for safety and use of product

Here is another example of hand painted glassware.  These hand painted wine glasses were also painted according to the basic directions above.  Wouldn't these be a great thrifty handmade wedding gift or bridal gift?  You could paint them in the colors that the bride chose for her wedding colors as a sweet remembrance of her special day! 

Have a friend who loves a cottage style kitchen?  Hand painted glass cheese domes, cake domes, water glasses and much more can be custom painted to match her cottage chic decor!!

I find that the Folk Art Enamels for Glass and Ceramics do an excellent job and hold up very well to every day use when the glassware is prepped, cured and cared for according to the manufacturer's directions. 

Have fun and use your imagination to create some beautiful hand painted glassware that might possibly become an heirloom gift!

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