Monday, February 27, 2017

Frugal Handmade Gift Idea - Crochet Slippers and a Free Pattern Link

I LOVE it when I find cute, simple patterns that are suitable for gift making and giving!  I think these adorable crochet slippers fit the bill perfectly!  And better yet is that there is a FREE CROCHET PATTERN made available thru the Redheart website! You can find the pattern by clicking here!

I changed up the trim around the slippers just a bit by crocheting a picot border instead of that in the pattern.  I really like how these slippers turned out.  So much so that I made another pair in a colorway similar to that on the website! 

It takes less than a skein of yarn to crochet the slippers.  You can even use yarn scraps to make the flowers, leaves and border using yarn stash that you have on hand.  That is a pretty frugal and thrifty gift idea in my book!  And they are SUPER CUTE! 

I am happy to add these slippers to my gift stash! 

Do you keep a stash of handmade gifts on hand too?