Friday, October 23, 2015

Vintage Vera Neumann Linens and Tablecloths

I love vintage linens and have a few pieces that I have collected. Not only do I love all of the handiwork of hand crocheted or hand embroidered pieces, but I also love the colorful and beautiful prints of vintage linens from Wilendur, Vera Neumann, and others. Today I thought I would share some of my vintage Vera Neumann collection with you.

I love the beautiful bold designs of Vera Neumann!


Notice that the ladybug is not present on this set of napkins.
There are still Vera Neumann linens, scarfs, fabric and dinnerware available on the market today, so if you love her designs you may find something that you like on the internet at places like Ebay and Etsy. 
I am including some links for those who may be interested in learning a bit about vintage Vera Neumann linens.
Do you collect vintage linens?  What are your favorites?


Monday, October 19, 2015

Amazing Homemade Shower and Tub Cleaner

Yuk! The dreaded job of cleaning the bathtub and shower!

We have fiberglass tubs around here that have that wonderful little dimply surface. You know that surface........ Yep, all those little dimples holds onto all of that grime and soap scum making cleaning it all out a pain in the hiney for sure!  Yuck!

But there is an amazing solution!! Thanks to many other smart folks around Google land for posting a recipe for THE most amazing shower and tub cleaner!  A soap scum blasting miracle tub cleaner it is!! And it is sooooooooo simple! And sooooooo frugal and thrifty! And amazingly wonderful!!!!  Can you tell that I love this stuff!  Hey, anything that makes my life easier is thumbs up in my book!

White Distilled Vinegar
Dawn Blue Dishwashing Liquid

What else do you need?  One spray bottle

How to:
Pour 2/3rd of  a spray bottle with white distrilled vinegar. ( You can warm it first if you like but I did not).

Fill the remainder of the spray bottle(1/3) with Dawn Blue Dishwashing Liquid.

You can do the solution half and half if you like but I found that 2/3rd and 1/3rd combination works just fine for me.

Spray it on the shower, tub and the sliding glass doors.  You can let it sit for a bit if you want. The thickness of the Dawn helps it to stay in place for a bit. 

All I had to do was clean with a non-abrasive sponge,  a flexible scrub brush for the dimply floor of the shower stall and a small toothbrush for smaller, hard to reach areas!

It worked amazingly well! And easy breezy too!  I am one happy lady!

An easily cleaned shower and tub.  Ah......!  I love clean, don't you?  And easy cleaning is a good thing!

Do you have a favorite shower and tub cleaner?  Please share in the comments!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dehydrating Oranges

My new found kitchen appliance love is my Nesco American Harvest Gardenmaster dehydrator! Talk about a space saver for food storage! I had been researching and trying to decide which dehydrator to purchase and my decision was narrowed down to an Excalibur and a Nesco American Harvest dehydrator.  When I found a brand new unused Nesco on craigslist for $40, that became my decision breaker and so I purchased it and brought it home.

One of the first fruits that I dehydrated was some organic, seedless navel oranges.  Preparation was easy. I simply soaked the oranges in a water / vinegar / salt solution for about 15 minutes, rinsed them well and sliced them with my mandoline slicer approximately 1/4 inch thick.

I arranged the orange slices on the shelves of the dehydrator in a single layer and dried them for about 12 hours. Drying time can vary according to the size of the load, the thickness of the fruit and the moisture content of the fruit as well as the moisture in the air.  It's helpful to keep a written journal or record of your dehydrating times for future use.

Lemons and Limes can be dehydrated using this same method.

Do you dehydrate any foods?  What is your favorite?