Saturday, December 13, 2014

Flower Loom Flowers

Loom Flowers
What to do with little bits of left over yarn?  Make Loom Flowers! They are as cute as a button, simple little bundles of colorful joy!  They look so cute on little flower clips and hair pins, and as embellishments on  all kinds of things like bags, t-shirts , hats, scarves! Think scrapbooking embellishments or decorate a gift package. Make a garland, or a blanket with them......Well, you get it! Lots of fun stuff to do with them!

And making them keeps little children's hands busy. And busy hands are happy hands and happy hands keep little ones creative and out of mischief!  And that's all good in my book!

I made mine using a Boye Bloom Loom.  You can order one on line or find them at your local craft and hobby stores. Use those craft store coupons and this is near nothing in cost. 

Remember.... busy hands are happy hands!

What do you do with your loom flowers?

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